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Hey, I'm Jimiah!

Jimiah works at the health centre as a midwife run by Save the Children in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement.

“I give the women in my antenatal class updates of corona’s status in Uganda, and brief them on the signs and symptoms. I answer their questions and address their fears. I emphasise basic preventative behaviour such as social distancing, avoiding close contact with people with flu-like symptoms, crowded places and touching their face, good handwashing, and – for those who can afford it – the use of hand sanitisers.”

“The situation is worrying – especially when you hear of what is going on in the world and the amount that needs to be done in our preparedness here.”

“But I don’t regret working when others are at home because as health workers we are always at the frontline, even in war. It’s my responsibility and I’m happy to help. I call my parents and keep them updated about the situation, as well as how they can prevent themselves. Sometimes I feel cut off from them and wish I could be with them. They call me often and tell me to take maximum care.”

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Keep up your fantastic work You are a true heroine 💕💕

Sue, United Kingdom

Your doing an amazing thing , keep up the good work x Sending love to yourself and all the mums to be in Uganda from Scotland xx

Audrey, United Kingdom

Yes, you are heroes, and we couldn’t do without you. You deserve more than you earn and you are the salt of the earth. Thank you for everything you do and I hope you all survive this nightmare ❤️

Chris, United Kingdom

THANKU beautiful woman we love u x

Susan, United Kingdom

Thank you for all the support you are giving in these times. It is a concerning time everywhere in the world. So Thank You and keep yourself safe also.

Dorothy, United Kingdom

HI Jimiah, thank you so much for all your hard work and sacrifice. stay safe

christine, United Kingdom

I don't have enough words to Express my gratitude and admiration for you. Please know Jimiah you are in my prayers along with those you care for and you are in my heart.

Lynne, United Kingdom

Amazing you all are thankyou sooo much ❤️👍

Patricia, United Kingdom

Thank you for all you have done You all put yourselves on the front line so to speak just to make the public safe. As far as I am concerned you are all true heroes

Michelle, United Kingdom

Well done all of you. You have shown what stars you are. Thank you so very much

Sheila, United Kingdom

You are amazing . As a parent I can empathise ,with your parents , they must be worried about you . But you are a National hero and you will save lives , how many people can say that . Be proud and stay safe .

Daphne, United Kingdom

We love you and respect you and wish you every good thing that could possibly happen to you for the rest of your life. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Christine, United Kingdom

Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will do. You are all truly amazing. We love you all.

Kevin, United Kingdom

Bless you all for everything you do xx

Fiona, United Kingdom

Hello Jimiah, you are an amazing woman and I just wanted to let you know that it’s women like you who will change the world. Thank you for everything you are doing to help the women of your community. The world is still a beautiful place for stars like you to shine. With love, Sue xxx

Sue, United Kingdom

Thank you and all your colleagues for what you are going through. I hope you can continue your marvellous work. No other words but thank you all from the bottom of my heart xxxxxxxxx

Patricia, United Kingdom

Thank You Very Much For Everything You Have Ever Done Your Amazing ❤️❤️

Ann, United Kingdom

Brilliant work you all do very much Appreciated xxx

Mo, United Kingdom

Total support and thank you ❤️

Dave, United Kingdom

God Bless you ALL ... Your dedication , bravery & endurance simply can never be repaid ! 😊

Dermot, United Kingdom