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Hey, I'm Ayesha!

Frontline healthcare workers like Ayesha are saving lives all around the world. Tackling coronavirus is a global effort and we need to celebrate and support those working on the frontlines. Watch Ayesha’s story and send a message of support today.

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Thank you for all your hard work NHS and for caring, not just for the covid but for the little things, the emergencies, the strokes the heart attack, especially the maternity care which has had to make up for partners not being allowed in. The over the phone care. The ambulances crews, the fire crew, the police. The shop workers, the deliverers and food makers. The social services for arranging care, the carers and drivers. The opticians, the shop workers and those who stepped up and made PPE supplies when the supplies they dried up? To the repair services, the water electric gas supply maintenance crews. taxi drivers. Teachers, and those who stayed in. THANK YOU for saving my and my families and my friends lives. Thank you.

Jennifer, United Kingdom

As always, everyone involved in Health Care, puts their clients first! You deserve to ve properly rewarded for such unselfish devotion to duty and service!

John, United Kingdom

What can I say,other than a great big Thankyou for everything you do to help Ill people ,whoever they are,whatever they have got.You are angels

Marie, United Kingdom

Hey Ayesha. Thank you for your strength & commitment to care for people, however big the risk to you. Please take good care of yourself. Be kind & gentle on yourself, look after your physical, mental & emotional health. Go safely 👍💖💝

Susan, United Kingdom

Thank you.

Ursula, United Kingdom

Our thoughts have been with you throughout the Pandemic but even more so this morning when we heard my 94 year old mother-in-law is in hospital having had a possible stroke we know she will be well looked after our prayers are with her and the medics

Carol, United Kingdom

There is no reason to wait for a vaccine there are other methods to protect yourself from the virus. Vaccines actually lower your immunity levels. I have for many years been taking vitamin c & d and also zinc. I have had neither a cold or the flu since I started taking them.

June, United Kingdom

We are all in this together so love and staying safe is what we all need.

Gillian, United Kingdom

We all love ya & are so proud of how brave you are 💕🌿🌸🌿

Margaret, United Kingdom

I support you and all your colleagues ❤️❤️❤️❤️

sandra, United Kingdom

Thank you all so so much for all you do to keep our world alive! ... Very big clap and cheer to you all!....Please try to keep safe...xx

Rosemary, United Kingdom

Please take good care of yourselves as you work through this period of stress and long hours. We thank everyone, doctors, nurses, porters, physios, ambo workers and all working for the NHS. You have gone above and beyond under difficult circumstances, often struggling to protect yourselves owing to lack of PPE. Some of you will have seen harrowing scenes which may take a very long time to put to the back of your minds. I hope you will be awarded a pay rise and a bonus in recognition of the extremely hard circumstances through which you've worked and also for those whose families have suffered too. Thanks for caring.

Gill and Ron, United Kingdom


BARBARA, United Kingdom

Thank you for all your great efforts in keeping people alive even at risk to danger to yourself & your family.

Pat, United Kingdom

To ALL the staff at warrington hospital...From volunteers to highly specialised individuals THANKYOU

United Kingdom

I'm full of admiration for your dedication and compassion.

Paul, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for everything you are doing and have done in my prayers always. Be blessed Ayeshai

Christine, United Kingdom

Sending support to you, and thank you❤️

Michelle, United Kingdom

You are all selfless, dedicated heroes, despite our Government. There are no words to describe our gratitude and admiration for all you do x

Vivien, United Kingdom

Thank You very much for your Amazing work you are very Special Thank You Take great care of yourself also

Dolly, United Kingdom