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Hey, I'm Clara!

My name is Clara and I am Mercy Corps’ programme manager in Nigeria for a programme focused on improving food security and economic empowerment. We provide lifesaving assistance, especially food assistance, to over 18,500 vulnerable households, and shelter to 4,000 households. 

There is a lack of awareness of COVID-19, and no health facilities that could help in an outbreak. We are worried that there aren’t enough resources or adequate materials to address the crisis; people in northwest Nigeria often live in overcrowded areas and if there is an outbreak many people will suffer. COVID 19 is an added burden to an already existing, prolonged crisis. 

We are following guidance from the CDC, the WHO and public health authorities to promote handwashing and other safety measures, and prioritising life-saving activities. We need more COVID-19 testing centres to make sure that those people who have tested positive can receive the necessary care and treatment. 

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You are amazing and you are held in high esteem. We owe you so much for your dedication to duty and your work ethic.THANK YOU

Ken, United Kingdom

You are wonderful, all of you.

Philippa, United Kingdom

Dear Clara, what a star you are! Caring, brave and a leading light. So many are being helped by the Mercy Corps' programme in a country that is very needy. Well done to you and all involved. Yours sincerely,

RUTH, United Kingdom

Thank you to all the frontline heroes for all their care, hard work and bravery throughout this pandemic.

Karen, United Kingdom

Hey Clara. Thank you for your strength & commitment to care for people, however big the risk to you. Please take good care of yourself. Be kind & gentle on yourself, look after your physical, mental & emotional health. Go safely 👍💖💝

Susan, United Kingdom

God Bless you all for your wonderful work

ray, United Kingdom

Thank you all for your unstinting work , keep safe and virtual hugs

Sarah, United Kingdom

You guys are incredible, no word are enough and thank you is so small but truly meant

Sonja, United Kingdom

Thank you for everything you do .

Sarah, United Kingdom

Thankyou all for all you have done for us all you are all very much appreciated

Carol, United Kingdom

I just want to send a huge thank you to all the surgeons, doctors, nurses and porters , and cleaners for all you have done for us, not just over this time of covid 19 times, but for every time you sit holding a hand when we are scared and so very ill, risking your lives for us, and for the loss of collegues, friends and loved ones. for the way the sacrifice you made when leaving your families and going to work every day to help us. God Bless each and everyone. THANK YOU SO MUCH. GOD BLESS.

Patricia, United Kingdom

Thanks for all your help

Jacqueline, United Kingdom

Well done. We couldn't manage without you.

Jean, United Kingdom

Keep up the great work you do

Patricia, United Kingdom

Thank you

Malcolm, United Kingdom

Thanks for all your hard work t o saving lives and comforting those that don't make it like my father you do your very best and I am thankful god bless you all

Carol, United Kingdom

Sending big hugs to all nurses and doctors

Ruby, United Kingdom

Thank you all and God Bless every one

Marilyn, United Kingdom

Thank you for all you do for the general public. You do a marvellous job.

Joy, United Kingdom

Thank you soooo much

DORIS, United Kingdom