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Hey, I'm Adana!

Frontline healthcare workers like Adana are saving lives all around the world. Tackling coronavirus is a global effort and we need to celebrate and support those working on the frontlines. Watch Adana’s story and send a message of support today.

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Thank you so much

Bethen, United Kingdom

You are doing a grand job!

Eric, United Kingdom

I would like to say a big thank you to all the NHS workers for their tireless work they have done , and gone days without seeing their families,I feel they should have a pay rise for this we all know the nurses pay is not very good for the work they do,it just goes to show what keeps this country running firstly the NHS workers ,your supermarkets, the drivers who deliver to the supermarkets and of course to say how sorry we are to all the families who have lost a Love one on the front line to this coronavirus

United Kingdom

Keep going with all the wonderful work you do. Xx

Elizabeth, United Kingdom

Hey Adana. Thank you for your strength & commitment to care for people, however big the risk to you. Please take good care of yourself. Be kind & gentle on yourself, look after your physical, mental & emotional health. Go safely πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’

Susan, United Kingdom

Well done to you all

Eileen, United Kingdom

You are so inspirational and hard working, you have given everyone your life, I love you all

Yvonne, United Kingdom


Jane, United Kingdom

Lots of gratitude & best wishes to you & your colleagues!!! Wonderful work you do with devotion & courage. Thank you so very much. Keep well. Virtual hugs. Mary Jones in Cornwall, UK.

Mary, United Kingdom

Thanks so much for your selfless devotion to your work i.e. looking after us , healing us. Please look after yourselves too for your own sake and that of your families. In return apart from our sincere thanks we must try to ensure you are better paid, much better, you deserve that , love Norma

Norma, United Kingdom

Thank u so much for the Amazing job u are doing not just for now but for everything u do u are amazing people Thank u

Diane, United Kingdom

Thank You ADANA We Love You And Need You

Colin, United Kingdom

Thank you for all your doing you are doing agreat job and we are lucky to have you just do whatever you can it is very much appreciated

Doreen, United Kingdom

You do a good job specifically on front

Helena, United Kingdom

You and all the nhs are hero’s and you all deserve every penny you get . Please stay safe and Thankyou so much x

Edith, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing - wonderful job - wonderful people

LINDA, United Kingdom

Thank you Adana for your dedication in your job on the front line , what would we do without you and your colleagues being there for us all, you are worth your weight in gold THANK YOU for your dedication in helping save so many lives xx

Jean, United Kingdom

Thanks for being there for us, you are wonderful people and where would we be without you all...

Bob, United Kingdom

Be safe we love and RESPECT YOU ALL XXX

Ann, United Kingdom

Thank you. You all are doing great job.πŸ™β€οΈ

Ravikar, United Kingdom