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Hey, I'm Dr. Ahmad!

My name is Ahmad and I am an education advisor specialist working for Relief International, an NGO that provides support in humanitarian crises. I work on education programmes for out-of-school Syrian refugee children in Za’atari and Azraq refugee camps in Jordan supporting more than 2,000 students.  

When the coronavirus spreads in Jordan, refugees will be hardest hit. They do not have the luxury of social distancing. We are offering online and virtual classes to students, but without access to laptops or iPads, many of our students are unable to access these virtual classes on e-learning platforms. In addition, internet and electricity services are not reliable inside the camp. 

Many students in refugee camps have already been out-of-school for long periods of time because of the war in Syria, and coronavirus will disproportionately affect the communities where we work. It’s our job to ensure that education won’t be disrupted again by this latest crisis, and we are working as quickly as possible to deliver new ways for our students to keep on top of their studies.

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Thank You Very Much For Everything You Have Ever Done Your Amazing ❤️❤️

Ann, United Kingdom

Thank You

Faith, United Kingdom

Thankyou so much for everything you do you are definately heroes.

Anne, United Kingdom

Thank you Dr Ahmad & all your colleagues for doing a great job, whilst being starved of your much needed equipment. We can never thank you enough but know this, in our hearts we are truly grateful. THANK YOU NHS!

Bryden, United Kingdom

You are doing a great job out there, and really in the front line. Just know that folks all over the world think you and your comrades are absolute Hero’s and angels. Thank You

Marion, United Kingdom

I would like to thank all who work for the NHS.

James, United Kingdom

Thank you doesn’t begi. To cover the type of work you are doing but thank you xx

Patricia, United Kingdom

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your dedication and strength and long hours that you spend helping us all while you’re family are at home, you are all worth your weight in gold God bless you x

Jean, United Kingdom

You saved my life in 2017 with a transplant, now you continue in the most hazardous situations with a smile and a heavy heart( sometimes as I'm sure you do when you lose one life) I love all of you NHS staff as do the entire population of the UK and wherever you are, please keep on keeping on!!!

Peter, United Kingdom

I hope the GOVERNMENT whether England or Scotland reward you for the work beyond the call of duty while clapping hands and rattling pots and pans was a nice gesture of appreciation, what should happen now is both countries should reward you in your pay packet, I see the Scottish Health Secretary is refusing to enter pay talks with you. SADLY I am not surprised. Gibson Beattie

Gibson, United Kingdom

I would like to thank The NHS for caring for my daughter-in - law Brenda De Save when she had Corona Virus in Southampton

June, United Kingdom

A big thank you to staff at Excel Primary care Birleywood . Thank you for your support and being there for us all x

Cecilia Ann, United Kingdom

I think you are all absolutely wonderful .THANKYOU SO MUCH

Susan, United Kingdom

Thank you so very much for your work throughout this terrible time xx

Patricia, United Kingdom

Thank you for all you are doing in this time of crisis.

Robin & Eileen, United Kingdom

Y name is Julie, just like to say I admire you of the NHS you're doing a grand job and our thoughts are with you at this very difficult time without you nurse's doctors everyone down to domestics cooks kitchen assistant housekeeping you are all in our thoughts

Julie, United Kingdom

To All Our Frontline HEROS: Best wishes, love and thanks to you. We really appreciate what you are doing, working every single day to keep us all safe xx

Anne, United Kingdom

Wonderful keep going and stay safe

Ann, United Kingdom

Thank you for everything you have done during this pandemic and before keep yourselves safe

Bernice, United Kingdom

Well done to all of you.

Adrian, United Kingdom