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Hey, I'm Gameli!

My name is Gameli Aheto and I am an emergency doctor in Accra, Ghana. I’ve worked at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital since 2016. I am not so much concerned about my own health but about my parents. It was my sister’s birthday last weekend but I couldn’t celebrate with my family. 

We aren’t as prepared and equipped as we should be – in our emergency unit, we only have two ventilators. Africa as a whole has a relatively young population, but existing problems like malnutrition and diseases like HIV and malaria could cause more deaths. Ghana is one of the more advanced countries in the region, so if we will struggle, I am really worried about what will happen in countries around us. 

My hair doesn’t look great since I can’t go to the barber, but this is not the first pandemic we have faced. A lot of organisations and individuals are willing to help and with strong and proactive international leadership, we will definitely win the war.

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I don't know how you do it, but i am so glad that you do. I will be forever in your debt, thank you so much xx💙

Noleen, United Kingdom

Thank you all so much for all your hard work and caring so much. God Bless x

Kay, United Kingdom

I pray for you all and I hope you all get through this journey safely and well.

Tracey, United Kingdom

Many thanks from me !

Richard, United Kingdom

I wish to thank you all for everything you have done stay safe and take care sending love and hugs xx

Janet, United Kingdom

You are all doing a fantastic job. Thank you from the bottom of my. Heart. Please all of you stay safe. God be with you all to protect you all.

Terri, United Kingdom

Hello thanks for all you do. Stay safe

Lawrence, United Kingdom

Words just cannot ehxpress how grateful i am to all key workers . The added stress for those working with covid sufferers is unimaginatble . Thinking of your personal safety every day , watching so many suffering and dying denspite your best efforts is beyond imagination . Stay safe .

Chris, United Kingdom

I just want to say a big Thank You to all the NHS staff for the Great Job that they are all doing as we could not have got through this crisis without you all

Michael Joseph, United Kingdom

Thank you all god bless all keep safe

Jacqueline, United Kingdom

Hello Gameu, I appreciate so much all that you are doing for your Patients day in day out, in good times and bad you make a difference. I hope you are well, Thank you so much kind regards Craig Smith

Craig, United Kingdom

How do you make "thank you" properly understood, a very big THANK YOU for all you are doing, undertaking such huge responsibilities!!

Angela, United Kingdom

Thank you for being such caring and supportive nurses and doctors. You have been absolute heroes working tirelessly such long hours of duty for the good of those, so ill with the Virus. So many of you have died nursing your extremely ill patients and we can only admire your heroic deeds. God bless all of you, you are His Angels on earth.

Ann, United Kingdom

Hello Gameli, just like a lot of other people it’s so heartwarming to know that you are saving lives of people as well as putting yourselves at risk. Thank you💕💕

Mary, United Kingdom

Thank you sooooo much

DORIS, United Kingdom

I you people are wonderful and so ❤ dedicated I thankyou with all my heart we all owe you so ♥ much God bless 💖 ♥ ❤ 🙏

Richard, United Kingdom

Thank you for all that you have done, and will still be doing. Its a hard job and having to wear all that PPE, must make it very hard.

Maureenn, United Kingdom

You’re doing a brilliant job! Hamelin! It’s appreciated! XX

Jacquie, United Kingdom

Thank you for the work you are so commited to doing. I hope you stay well. Best wishes Lynne

L., United Kingdom

Your doing an amazing job.i happy it gets easier for you. STAY SAFE.

Cathy, United Kingdom