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Hey, I'm Solangie!

My name is Solangie and I am the project coordinator for Mercy Corps in Colombia. I work on a humanitarian programme providing emergency cash assistance to Venezuelan migrants. 

The majority of the families we support make a living through informal commerce, and pay for their accomodation on a daily basis. The reduction of movement means that they are now unable to work, and so are facing a lack of resources and are being evicted. There is also a shortage of protection elements. 

We need governments to promote and facilitate humanitarian assistance, and to help us to find ways to mobilize and care for the people we are working with.

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Thank you Angels

Omar, United Kingdom

Hello Solange. I don't know the stats in Columbia but I know that you are a shero, doing everything for your charges. They rely on you and I know you are stepping up to the plate. Well done and keep going. 💐

Julie, United Kingdom

To you and all HealthWrkers and those I. Admin and those who clean up, thank you thank you thank you.

United Kingdom

You do a wonderful job and have my utmost respect ❤️

Michelle, United Kingdom

Hello beautiful thanku so much for all your hard work we love u x

Susan, United Kingdom

Hey Solangie. Thank you for your strength & commitment to care for people, however big the risk to you. Please take good care of yourself. Be kind & gentle on yourself, look after your physical, mental & emotional health. Go safely 👍💖💝

Susan, United Kingdom

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication you are all such special people.

Kevin, United Kingdom

Thank you will never be enough, YOU are HEROES every one of you from the cleaners to the consultants. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and THANK YOU

Priscilla, United Kingdom

Well done all you people in the medical profession, also aids, cleaners ,porters cooks all done and still doing a great job THANKS

margaret, United Kingdom

Thank you for all your hard work. Xx

Jennifer, United Kingdom

My name is Martin I would like to thank you for all the hard work even without a cure and being on the frontline putting patients health first before your own

Martin, United Kingdom

I can only say what has been said thousands to times before to all frontline workers whether in the NHS or providing care from other sources. Without you all many of us would not be here, or feel happier in isolation had you not sacrificed your family life and put yourselves in danger. I can only repeat with a big THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, you understood and cared no matter what our age.

SHEILA, United Kingdom

You are an angel of mercy. I love Colombia and the Colombian people. You are doing wonderful work and I respect and admire you so much. Keep safe and I wish you well. With love.

Christine, United Kingdom

You are so strong and brave to do what you do dont no what we do without you your more than heroes you are our everything as the care you give absolutely fantastic thank you so much

Jill, United Kingdom

Solange,you are the face of humanity,just like all those who spend their lives helping others through hardship or illness.You are the true heroes.

Lilian, United Kingdom

Hi guys . Ur all Angels !! 😇 💐 U must be or u would have walked out - or dropped to ur knees ! There are not enuf words to describe ur dedication, caring nature, compassion, physical and mental capabilities, quick thinking under pressure, adaptability, endurance, control, passion and the rest . All of which means .... . . . Ur hard as nails !! 👊 HEROES - - - ALWAYS . Not just now . I just wish u were rewarded somewhere. close to justly.

Ian, United Kingdom

What would we do without you NHS

john, United Kingdom

Thank you for all you are doing in this time of crisis

Robin & Eileen, United Kingdom

You do Amazing work . Thank you to you all ❤❤❤

Mo, United Kingdom

what a lovely smile you have solangie - out to be an exclamation mark there but my computer isnt working-may i wish you and your families all the best for your future which i hope will be as beautiful and bright as your smile [ very best wishes

caro, United Kingdom